Digital Nomad Visa

Aimed to telematic workers who would like to work remotely from Spain

Spanish law defines an international digital nomad or teleworker as a person who carries out remote work or professional activity exclusively by telematic means for companies located outside Spain.

This visa is a residence permit for non-EU citizens to allow them to live and work remotely from Spain.

Upon fulfilling requirements:

If you are in Spain legally

 (With a tourist visa) you can apply for a residence permit for 


If you are in your country of origin

You can apply for a 1-year visa (in the Spanish consulate) so that you can enter Spain and modify later on to this card for



You are a non-EU citizen

Not being in an irregular situation in Spain

You are working for a company located outside Spain.

In case it is a company registered or located in Spain, your professional activity can not exceed 20% of your total activity.

You must demonstrate that you have been working for your company for at least 3 months prior to your application

Contract with that same company for at least 1 year

Having a graduate or postgraduate degree from a university, professional training or business school of recognised prestige.

You don't have criminal record in Spain

Or in the countries where you have resided during the five years prior to your application.

Not being prohibited from entering Spain

Or being listed as liable to be refused entry in the territorial area of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement to that effect.

Having a public or private health insurance policy

Taken out with an authorised insurance company operating in Spain (this is not necessary where there is no bilateral agreement with your country of origin, in which case you must register with the Spanish Social Security system).

The last three payslips from the company with which the teleworker maintains a working relationship

I the person is a professional and not a salaried worker, an analogous document or certificate from the company proving that there has been a professional relationship of over 3 months.

Requirements for the company

A certificate that proves the company has been operating for at least 1 year prior to your application.

Authorisation, from the company, states that you can undertake remote work from Spain

Accrediting for this purpose, the profile of the post, the terms and other conditions under which the remote professional activity will be carried out.

Documenting the social security cover

Including the worker's health cover (where applicable), by means of a certificate of coverage (if there is a social security agreement between Spain and the issuing country) or proof of the company's registration with Spanish Social Security and the commitment to register the worker

The documentation required may vary depending on your country of residence. Each diplomatic mission or consular office may also require any additional documentation it deems necessary for the purposes of the decision regarding the visa. 


Free movement to travel or to stay in the Schengen area

Residence permit for the whole family (spouse,dependents up to the age of 26)

Obtain the residence permit & citizenship Create your business and startup a company

Permit is valid for working and living anywhere in Spain

Years of residency count for the nationality

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